You are the salt
In sickness
I am the wound
In sickness and health

The music ceases
As your noble touch pleases
Your predictable touch ceases
As the tirering music pleases

You are the water
In sickness
I am the flame
In sickness and health

Maybe, i want to cherish
Your sensual virginity

Maybe, i want to cherish
Your sensual inability

Maybe, you ask why
Why you are, black as i

And sorrow fills the moon
As i kiss her faithfully
And shadows fill the room
As the beast take shape to win

You're black, you're black
You're black as i

When our thrills cease
I leave the world behind
A delightful feast i wish
Oh, lord, you know i tried

Like blood, a scent in the sun
So special, maybe the only one

And her flaming lips
Swallow my endless mess
And her lovely heartless soul
I soon have torn - in two

"all black souls should look
For white elements in themselves"

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