We took the train on sundays
We climbed the highest mountains
It's like we've seen every part of the planet.

I said I'd bring you everywhere
Seems like I kept my promise
That's what you deserve, my friend.

We drew our names in the snow
Crossed oceans on a sailboat
We were two kids that
Never wanted to grow old.

We've played the most dangerous games
Enjoyed books of henry chance
Exchanged the blood from our veins.

We had been on our knees
We've drunk the strongest whiskeys
We've lived much more than we expected to live

Sure, things could have been better
My friends have started to whisper,
And you have wives and children.

We were friends on the revert
We celebrate life together
Something tells me that we won't live forever

We've seen the stars and the smoke,
And the sharks and the crows
That's why I miss you, you know?

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