You see Future? I'm the Haitian
Top shelf, now we Jamaicans
My crew got ammunition
We only fire when it's revolution

I woke up in that new McLaren
I woke up in that new McLaren
I woke up in that new McLaren
I woke up in that new McLaren

Let's go!

First time I came in the bizz I got noticed
Was way back with the Fugees, Haitians have made it
Admit it, you sold over 18 mill records
Instead they thought I'd be another like them
At the end they be rockin, the whip they pick
My nigga with em or leave em but I say last
It's hard to beat this, I got carnivore hits
I got hip-hop out, I want you falling which is
Falling which, first hip-hop album
Four languages to go 4 time climbin
What did I miss? Out in Queens
Hustle my make-up, mata le vous?
Talk Italian to them niggas
Happy bout that, you see all leavin
But I ain't satisfied
Another rap, talk with the text, it's Destiny Child
In the remix, Haley, Beyonce
Oh no no no
On your playlist
Benjamin Ivy hit me on the wires
He brought a young girl by the name of Maya

So I put her on the track, ghetto superstars
With the old dirty bastard
That brought you up, definitely had one
Then I got the call from Fat Joe with ping pon
They doin a song, do I wanna speak son?
Hell yeah, Caribbean connection
Foes and enemies meaning the same in the dictionary, the same Pictionary
All you see is the cemetery
Army ready for Apache, kamikaze, however they wanna come and see me
Orlando XE, I keep artillery
Just in case they wanna come and get my niggas

That makes you the perfect target
Wake up or Mr. Nobody wrapped up like mummies and lookin like this
This is what haters we pray for the most
All I do is laugh,
Think of the past, I was playing in the studio, I'm playing in cracks
So when I say I'll miss you Michael
This isn't bout a chance to meet one of my idols

Damn, what a journey
The music in this juke
Clark David gave me a call
Said you'll return for Whitney

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