Cold death-wish fierce anguish
Great force we are one
May sigh when angels will die again
Fate doom you are done

It has returned...

All hail the beast infernal
All hail the beast from hell
All hail the ruler of the wastelands
Blessed be the cult nocturnal
Blessed be ghastly spell
Blessed be the coming
of fire and ice
May it hold your future
May it scorch your past
May it trample upon your soul
Drag it through the malice once more
Right into the abyss much deeper
High on chronic power
High on antidotes
High on damage upon your soul
High on tribulation to the core
Claws that shape the Chasm
much steeper

Fateful one now kiss the sun
with no fear
And rave in total damnation
Aquarius is near - All hail
I'm the one the serpent's son
crystal seer
666 mortal formation
Aquarius is here
All hail

The time has come...

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