Revelations of spectacular kind
Blows your spirit, blows your mind
Cloak and dagger drives you
staggering blind
Trick or treat it will haunt you down...
Punishment gone unbound
Ecstasy, ambiguity, Ragnorak to be found

Configuration in galactic sway
Overwhelming as they say
Now or never through the boundaries of
On a trip at the speed of light... light
Punishment at my side
Revelry, fake sanctuary, Ragnarok you
will find

I like these moments before the storm
Reminding me of times unfold
These silent bloodstained twisted things
Deep within my mind 'til the end of time

I travel at the speed of light through
spheres before unseen
With striking eye through baneful sky,
cosmic stelth love-machine
A glaring light between my eyes that
pierces through your brain
I trick and treat deal out defeat and play
my deadly game

Some enigmatic probe -
Forbidden yet foretold
Once upon Armageddon
Some enigmatic probe -
Perdition all the way
Once upon Armageddon!

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