Here's a story I can't tell
About a soul who went to hell
And the day that it returned
With crafts and images
that I had learned

I take the lid of the dead
Cryptic lyrics I once said
With Great Spirit
Out of mind
Casting spells out of time
Post-human out of line

As the story generates
Like the X-Morph death-cult legislates
Like these spells and curses can't be
Mystic industries until the very end
Paragon arithmetic
Post-human misanthropic

All these stories I can't tell
Cryptic wastelands
Paragon arithmetic
Post-human misanthropic
Gonna cross my heart and hope to die
Fuck the protoplast to mental suicide

repeat 2

The nightmare cast, we take revenge,
sterile and delusive
As the cult grows strong,
brave neo-born,
post-human out of line

Electric mist, synthetic winds,
phantom planetarium
As the heavens fall,
downright chemical, out of sight,
out of mind

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