Yes, yes, it's The All Mighty Xzibit
In correlation wit the Mexican Foundation
Chino XL, course you know me,
Broadcastin' live from Liquid Krew
I returned for you
Yes, yes, check it out
Yo, yo it's The Wake Up Show, it's The Wake Up Show
Yo, yo

[Verse One: Xzibit]
his is dedicated to the niggas that be hatin' me but can't face
Cuz they're scare for their own safety
I know how it feels I'm all up on your grill
All your Homies are backin' down and tellin' you to chill
(And that's real) That's the coast that resizes to your left
Wild Wild West have your heart beatin' at your chest
It's the Liquid and all white tendice gettin' victade by the
land lord
The vocal chords cuttin' like a saw
Yo I make you wake up, listen, pay attention, then show
Rashy my main connect in Chicago
But I'm in LA broadcastin' wit Tech and Sway
Straight to the brain in the bay drinkin' Hurricane
All mighty Xzibit West Coast rhyme wit out no gimmicks
I'm breakin' niggas down like a chemic

[Verse Two: I-Man (Mexakinz)]
You know on The Wake Up Show
I break up flows like lego reconstruction
Capital I-Man initiates this corruption assumption wit King Tech
and Sway
Disectin' grace through airwaves my lyrics misbehave when I get
out of line
I thought you find the time to understand it
Don't get it backwards like a Dislexic you get smacked
Dammit we're slammin' harder than a wrestling match
From San Francisco, Chicago, LA you got to react
In the W-E-S-T Coast where nothin' comes close to this ground
Waking up the land of comatose wit the up most
Yo grab the technique When I speak you heard it
So you know what I'm about when I step up like a bird

[Verse Three: Sinful (Mexakinz)
El que sube para arriba no escupe saliva si no sangre
Me pego el hambre mi vida esta colgando de un alambre, viviendo
Nunca mas jamas rodeado sin salidas como las carceles de
Un seloso enemigo canta mas que un pajaro, bajalo, desarmalo, el
cuerpo siempre rajalo
Secuestramos a los que mueven la pirateria reducirles la energia
como baterias
Noventa dos punto tres controlamos, continuamos
Los Mexicanos haciendo dano que son estranos
Los tengo habiertos como libros los dejo viendo estrellas
Como la bandera de Estados Unidos

[Verse Four: Chino XL]
This mission part Latino XL be your oxygen
I write more essays than a incarcerated Mexican
Crash you like crutons
I'm body and soul like the priest slap the version of debons
For niggas like whotons
Wake 'em show flowsess
Sittin' on chrome like Master jig em full of ruster
Your whole label rocks the Chino impostors
You's a walkin' dead man like ( ? )
Sway and Tech gettin' pay like Dersen house
Slangin' crack to Giligan Pimpin' Love
Now bring the gats in
Me wit out lyrics is like D.O.C. gettin' his voice back
Ain't neva happenin'
This minute in many schools ceribo I whip it like Debo
You won't be around next year like Skee-Lo
I get that ass open like a county jail
Wit Sway and Tech peace Chicago
I'm straight out of Jersey like the f**kin' NETS

Yes, there for you won't forget
Here to remind you that
'Together We Are Strong, Seperated We Become Weak'
In correlation wit' Tha Mexakinz and Chino XL
In Behalfs of the Liquid Krew
It's The All Mighty Xzibit
You're now tuned into The Wake Up Show
Broadcastin' live from LA wit' Tech And Sway

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