If I lost the best thing I ever had
Because of me
I was selfish, stupid and blind
How can it be
That it's all ending?
Now we can stop pretending
It just faded so fast
I think I lost you
If you were the best thing I ever had
Too blind to see
We were happy
How can I find some peace in me
'Cause we're both changing
It's not that we've stopped caring
It's just time that has made me grow
Apart from you
'Cause it's over, it's all over
It's over now
If we lose the best thing we ever had
If we forget
Just hold me here in your arms
Like we've just met
We will be tender
And say that we're forever
And just hope it will last
Because I found you
It's not that we've stopped fighting
It's not that it's not hard
Just to stand
Hand in hand
And always love you
Because I love you

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