Yelawolf yelawolf
Enter the internet
Google my music soon as i finish this intersect
I grab a pen n set
Records and then a check
Come julie records only because you been in a wreck
Totaled by yela quotables dented by syllables breaking fenders
And breaking mirrors the damage is notable roll it


And bring it back like you stole the movie
Hippies trip it cuz i spit groove like sippin patchouli
Sitgittin thought this chevy i'm reckless and ruley
Having breakfast out wit your cutie
Check please
Let it cover it cuz i'm still broke
Wit a milf though for real though
Better me that a $@#$ though
Cat fish billy smack a $#(@ silly
Crack n a pack and pack in a pack out the sack chili

Pfff chhh

Yeah i git er done
Put um up in your kidney later pussup
Come get you some

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