Calling all cars, calling all cars
There is a gangsta on the loose
He is very heavily armed, and legged
And considered extremely dangerous

If you should happen to see him on your way home,
Do not try to apprehend, I repeat, do not try to apprehend
Simple say, "it's cool"

[Yelawolf - Verse 1]
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up
And tell these mother fuckers why I got signed
Cause I'm on the verge of slapping one of these white boys
Out here tryna imitate my grind
And if you finna feel it when I say that
Fuck you, say something back
What I gotta lose, I'm already the underdog
Why wouldn't I give you the opportunity to rap
Fuck boy, I'm harder than ya momma's fuck toy
And she's still bitching
I'm sicker than a chicken sitting in shit
Sticking itself with a syringe in a Japanese kitchen, get some
I got the kinky bitch, get crumbs
Yeah here the Shady clique come
They say I'm a dick head
Well it fits, why?
Cause I'ma fuck this pussy ass game up till she gets numb
Of many styles that I pick from
Fuck it just give me kick drums
Cause Yelawolf aint a rapper
I'm a cataclysmic culturally offensive don't give a shit bum
It's done
So put ya money on a 'Bama boy
20 West of Atlanta boy
You wanna ride in my lane prepare for the 18 wheeler winds
Get a grip on your bicycle handle bars

All the girls I meet
Are falling down them stairs
I said get themselves together
They get themselves together
(Thats why they call me)
Gangsta of Love

Yelawolf and I
On top don't wonder why
Cause I rock and roll
Stop drop and roll
Thats why they call me
(Gangsta of love)
Feet on the ground
Head in the sky
Cause I rock and roll
Stop drop and roll
Thats why they call me

[Yelawolf - Verse 2]
Hold up, my God
Let me pull the Chevrolet out the garage
I killin on A to Z lately, KP
You might get a hicky from Nicki Minaj
Fuck em all with a sandpaper dick
I dare anybody to comment to the diss
You couldn't hold a flame to my name bitch
I wouldn't even let you hold a bic to my cancerous stick
I'm treating rappers like loose change,
The shoe string belts that I lost in the cracks of my couches
Like I didn't even know I had that until
You made it [something] came out with
Oh you want some of the South shit?
Well let me show you what the South is
You into sucking dick
Well I'm into getting rich
We could make a good team
Put your money where your mouth is


[Yelawolf - Verse 3]
I roll out in a t-top two seater
Looking like an American missle seeker
Got back gat packs in my dungerees
Yeah I'ma light a fuse under the disbeliever
Say you don't give a shit, good
Cause I don't give two shits neither
You ready let it go, I'm already at your funeral
Walking with a rose like Wiz Khalifa
Yessir, I'm bonafied
I'mma go ahead and live cause I know I'm gonna die
And if you wanna live baby get up in the whip
Baby I don't know what I can give but I know I'm gonna try
Whatever it is girl you know I'm gonna vibe
But you know thats a fib yeah, you know thats a lie
What if I buy you drive through Popeye's?
Do you want it grilled or do you want it fried?
Ah, I'm doing this like I knew I would
And you did too, so you knew you I did
If I never got a co-sign I'll be at your throat
Cus I'm dope and it don't matter who I'm with
Reppin' that area code 256
White trash girls wink with blue eyelids
Because they know Yelawolf can't be fucked with
But it don't take an asshole to see that shit


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