I'm tired of living up to your expectations
Doing everything that you say
I'm tired of being someone who im not
I'm tired of doing the same thing every day
I'm caught up in your web
Trying to escape
I was so deeply inlove with you
But now all thats left is hate (but now i realise what
I felt was fake)
I dont understand you
Your expectations are too complicated now
Please tell me how things got this bad
I guess you got to me somehow
Your right beside me
But i wish you were far away
I never really wanted to do this
But its something i have to say
It's over now, but its true, i once did love you
And i will forever more
But things arnt like they use to be, i know you feel
The same way too
I know this is going to cause alot of pain
But its the way things have to be
I never thought we'd be torn apart
But you just continued hurting me
I asked you to stop but you never did
And now i have to leave
I'm sorry for the heartache this may cause
But aslong as im with u, i'm struggelling to breathe

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