In my eyes I have seen this before, golden mountains with dirt on
the floor, and the light waves contract and distort, as a lone
sun ship sets into port.

Animation has jumped from the block, voice control keeps
sidereal clock, it's madness pointing at you.

As we search for the strange bleeding eyes, heavy makeup that
tells only lies, Satan's humor has caused us to laugh,
egg-headed men figure out the new math.

Does your fortune lie flat in the sand, is it taken by man's
business plan, write furious the water recedes.

The migration has left only few, as the dragon has come into
view, and cascading from heavens above, came the wise men who
preached only love.

And the scriptures must always make sense, over simple the mind
is too dense, march onward the soldier arrives...

march onward biding his time...

march onward losing his mind...

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