Oh oh, lady

Me in my double cup, me in my double cup
Double cup laying there, molly world, bimmin’
Shawty bout to call morning straight like seaming,
No nigga’s femine so we bout to cook the brick,
Young hot on the track when you ain’t yale bitch.

Bitch that straight far, not to bubble up,
When they call back, bet they bubble up,
So hold music go theme, double cup full of lean
Will built the zane and cold bean,
Shawty pop with the lean

Atlanta to the philippine, everybody knew a king
One man gang like the motherf*cking dream team,
Thinking you can be the boss, y’all niggas must be here
Two plus two, nigga who call me four mill.

Me in my double cup, me in my double cup

Two cup, two glock bitch young high,
No I’m living dropping, wip it, get it out the pride,
We’re on the east side, down about the..
Rolling weed, sipping lean, f*ck a couple drug,
Money on my mind, twistle on my waste,
Sipping all day, I can feel my face
And even realize don’t drink the whole plane,
F*ck and get thug, I’m bout to f*cking fan,
Flow money bitch we ain’t poured up,
In the trap post it up, bitch we slow it up,
Every time you see me got my double cup,
I get money f*ck you talk rolling the riffle up.

Me in my double cup, me in my double cup

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