[DJ Drama:]
Can't 4get Douglas
My Niggas on Seventh Street
Dixies Homes
Ridge Crest
Smokey City
Evergreen What's Good
I'll Shouts To the Whole Memphis Ten

[Yo Gotti:]
Dis fa my niggas who felt like (giving up)
I feel ya pain nigga, I felt da same nigga
See a nigga like me come straight from hard times nigga ain't shit changed
Was fucked up
Workin with a 8ball
Mama stressed out nigga back against the walk
Rent time up can't be late again
Mama hidin out tryin dodge the repo man
Food stamps out
Light man outside
Phone cut off and air unit just died(Damn)
Mane it hard tryin fight dis
Down on my knees askin GOD why it's like dis
Fuck dat Gotti ain't havin dat
A nigga fronted me a brick told myself
I can have dat
Fuck 'em I'll kill 'em if he want beef
Ion give a fuck my family folks must eat
I'm from da NORF were niggas play it gutta
Niggas rob niggas kill niggas serve dey own muthers
But not me kuz iI was family raised
Got dat family loyalty I got my family paid
Memba back in da days you wore ya family J's
Auntie dun ya braids and uncle cut ya fade
Kool-aid and soul-food is all dats made fa ya
Wanted to give up but ya family folks prayed fa ya

[Talkin: Yo Gotti]
See a nigga like me nigga I jumped straight off the porch 12 years old nigga
I'm in da hood watchin nosey nigga runnin to da cars nigga day was stars to me dats da shit
I wanted to do nigga I was rappin back den I put dat shit to da side nigga kuz all da rapp niggas
In my city was eitha not seen or was fucked up... And I ain't with dat)
Da rap game was difficult kuz ane take it serious
In da cafeteria fuckin out eatin cereal
Started freestylin and fuckin rappin with my classmates
Neighborhood DJ let me rock a mixtape
It was all good but I was so hood I was like fuck dat I need a quarter pound of good
Back to da skool gooti got da killa flow
Word got around tried to put me in a talent show
But ane do it wasn't nun to it
See a nigga had cone I left and went home Fuck It
Straight hustlin chasin dat cheddar
To I realized I could'ntsell dope faeva
I my pad and my pen got my style and my thoughts
As I got serious da game got difficult
I tried writin but I kept gettin stucks dats wen I was like fuck it give up
But I kept goin

[Talkin: Yo Gotti]
Look at me now nigga Hard work pay off Bitch
Nigga 3 deals lata 750 thousands dollars greata I'm GOOD
Go with da otha paper I got in da hood nigga I'm GOOD
HA... Fuck all you hatas nigga
Nigga I ain't even dropped yet and I can cop shit you niggas on tv can't
Structa ya shit rite
Come holla at GOTTI, I'll sign ya
Believe dat Bitch
One time da Stunta nigga
Thank Ya
Aha... I feel good nigga
One time da M-Town fa holdin a real nigga down
Feel good nigga
Thank Ya too M-Town
Aha... Believe dat shit
One time da grip nigga and Fuck da rest you suckas

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