I'm all by myself, standing on the dead flowers
and I'm yelling at your face
but you don't hear, well, you don't see where I am

there's no simple way to explain my thoughts
I cant find the way to make you understand
oh I don't even know myself

*my mind starts screaming when I wanna hide in silence
my hands try to reach you when you don't need me
salty water starts falling when I gotta look like a tough girl
no, I am not able to control myself

I'm still by myself trying to find the way out of here
and I'm asking for your help
'cause I don't want to kill no more flowers in my head
I am so so scared, I've thrown in a desert place
gotta run, gonna have to run, but I still wanna stay
hey what's happening in here?


yes, no control me
yes, no please leave me
love me, hate me, who's me? where's me?


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