Come to be Baby~ Anyone right now, to me
Be with me Baby~ Dont leave me alone
Come in me Baby~ In my empty heart
So that I wont need him anymore

The short skirt and heavy makeup
Its the reflection of myself in the mirror
The sadness of our parting is
Hidden beneath all the gorgeousness
You always said that I looked dull
So I wait for the time when we meet again

In the street that you often dropped me off and disappeared
There are many girls that you checked out,
But now I look like those girls
No one can ever guess that
I was a girl that was dumped by you

repeat *

The many guys trying to gain my interest
If I just put out my hand, they pass by me so quickly
I wonder what you will think
When you see me being someone elses girl
Because it was you who loved me for a period of time

After you left, how many lovers did I have..
But I still couldn't put on a smile not even once
Instead, my face is stained with the tears
I still dream of you.. But now it has to stop

Come to me Baby You hold your hand out to me
(I want to stop and rest now)
Come to me Baby, So that I can rest comfortably again
So that I can forget him and be happy

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