Baby I just want you to know
I don't wanna lie to you
Baby I won't let you come into my heart

Just do it do it do it and groove it it
dump me the mic then I jump to the stage
cuz I flowin like the livin large dayz
to the dayz n the nightz when I rhyme tight
flight flash light b- boy stances all night
you keep movin wit billy jean I had fun
we could freakin knowin I'm not the one
she moved like the h-o-o-k-i-n style
make my brothers go wild
you look good lady in the blue dress
you make me love you make me nervous and impressed
I wanna take you home cuz you make me lick
you gave me and I givin you back deep in my heart

You probably know that I've been looking at you
Your eyes are fallen in mine
I wonder how I will sound like to you because we first met
The confession that I fell for you on the first sight cuz

*I already knew that you were looking at me
Your eyes that have fallen in mine, calls me over
You will walk over here, you will lift it a bit
You'll ask me, "Hey girl how bout tonight?"

I like the fact that you fell for me at the first sight but
I know that thats not true
When I reject you with a "no"
Then you'll smile and go find another girl (yeah)

No Matter how hard you try
Can't tell you why why why x4

repeat *

Our eyes keep meeting, you're looking at me
You look alright, hot style
Should I just go along with it?
Go along with what you led on
I dont know if I'll regret it or not after tonight passes

After the night passes, you will regret it (What are you talking about?!)
When I lose you, I will too (The way you talk is kind of getting bad)
The things that I can give you tonight (uh huh uh huh yea~)
I hope I dont lose you, look at your embarassed self!

repeat * (3x)

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