Please love me for one more day
You picked me up warmly
And you froze me coldly like ice
So that I couldn't even cry

I would melt at just the touch of your hand
But are you going to leave me like this till the end?

*We met everything, so that was even better
It would've been better if I valued you more
Maybe I couldnt find anyone else
Maybe I liked you so much
Please hold me warmly just once

I'll love you for just today
Where are you? Show yourself~
I'll start to forget you tomorrow
Just today, let me borrow you

I wont cling onto you, I wont even cry
Please just once, show me yourself

You had me, and you liked that too
If you valued me, you wouldnt have left me
Thats not love, you said you didnt like that kind of love
I even love all your lies

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