All alone it's dark and what went wrong
Oh I hold myself since you have gone

I never thought to be
Where I'm suddenly
heion na hibi kaze ga fuite

Turn the corner
Back to start again
jinsei meriigorando

Suddenly ah
I'm losing control ah
memai no you ni ah
I'm losing control ah
watashi o yurasu

All had passed so fast but I'm still here
utte mata hirou

Forever I will be

Myself eternity
tsuyoi kaze ni mi wo azukete

Taking me and higher
Round and round - a - bout
koi wa rasen kaidan

Moment of peace
I'm taking control
jikan wo kakete
I'm taking control
ikite iru sigh

arui te iku
A long walk...
kaze ga fuitara

Release me now... it's my life

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