Zack de la Rocha:

Babylon fall,
Yes y'all I'm like ???
Wild on a blacklist
Check how they strangled his life
Hollywood the edge of the government knife
Exit the age of the black pawn
I won't stand for the dawn's
Early light, it never shined on my kind
So let the flame take flight
Trap vandalist
Mad with this
Fist cause life gets hard
As an amethyst
Attack this veil of hate
And smash this ill vision
Of blackness
Scripted like animals on display
Feel like Diallo in a doorway
Hate come 41 shots a scene
Yo Chuck pass the kerosene

Burn Hollywood x16

Malik B (I think, can't tell who)

racing the clock
Sparking a flame
Now Hollywood's
Sweltering hot
Now that's a mother-fucking ???
Hip-hop for real ???
Black actors and actresses
They can't catch no ??? positive
I lick shots ???
We call it a pose
Spittin' flames outta black holes
It's over, that's how that goes

Black Thought:

We burn from the silver screen
To rap shows
Where the beat drops
??? the heart rolls
Now ???
three hundred and sixty degree
Radiating live by the S P
Just breathe deep to it
Till the chest heave
Who wanna see the black people
With the breast feed
Who telling the cops to freeze
Black Thought down with the PE
Leaving ashes of palm trees

Burn Hollywood x16

Chuck D:
Burn Hollywood Burn
While some of y'all still ain't learning
People the pay the price in real life
Minds and souls, sold and controlled
By the same ??? created by assholes
Who find reactors instead of actors
To react thus financially play a factor
No matter how whack the flick is
The fact is, how much the bling bling
Crowd reacted
Damn, little dot on the map I attack
Pimpin TV movies and the third ???
Damn right I'm hating
Since birth of the nation
Still waiting for decision makers
Who avoided one side
I got IQ rehab to get my brain back
I'm at a point of no return
I ain't crazy,
Burn Hollywood Burn
Burn Hollywood x16

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