Chrous Been Trying to Contact You But Like Your Not At Home
Giving Me Asign So That Way I Would Know.

Let Me Know That You Are Here With Me
Cause Going On Like This Is Not Making It Work
Look Like to Me That You Are So Alone
Why Can´t Your Mother Let You Know
That You Have a Women By Your Side.
Why Are They Holding You Back It Like
That Don´t Know How to Act
And All My Friend Are Telling Me That
You Are Right Man For Me.
Just Thew Other Day I Show You
Why Are You Looking So Sad
It Look Like They Are Trying to Say
That You Don´t Care But I That Lie
Cause You Look My Way.
I Won´t Get Next to You
I Won´t Know What Trun You On
I Won´t How You Feel About Me
I Won´t Know What You Like to do and Were You Want to Go..

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