Oh ??
Heavy rains made it hard to load
Is it time for the road
I don't know, don't know

Father has gone, so let's go home to baby's head
And I won't let go of your hand, child of mine

When it's time to let go, then we'll be up in heaven's ground
Every dream that I dream, let you have more than mine
Spirits will climb into a time of your design
All that I know never will be told, oh child of mine

After the flight, dead of the night
Oh we'll be peaceful
Sweet laughter goes, all of a sudden
No time for waiting

So I'm off on the road that I see might be coming
And those dreams that I hold, all for this child of mine
All that I know, never will it show, sweet child of mine
All that I know, never will be told, child of mine

Sweet child of mine
Oh, child

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