Why do we judge someone on their color?
Why do we judge on just a look?
Why can't we search a little further?
And tell me why can't it stand for something good?

Has it ever dawned on you, my brother
That she exemplifies the one pure mother?
Please don't let her slip right through your fingers
When you could have the best of something real

1 - What's in the color of a sky as black as night?
The color of the earth reflecting all the rays of light?
The sea, at times it's dark, a quiet strength to see you through

What's in a color, but beauty?
What's in a color?

Seems as though we've been through this before
Looking desperately for something more
More of what we need to carry on
And more of what should be in spite of all

Have you seen looks of pain or smiles upon my face
It has been too long and far too much a price to pay
Well, I'd love to see the day when I would never have to say

Repeat 1

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