Let the record show, friends do come and go
That's the way life goes
Why do people change and memories fade away?
This we'll never know
See when I

1 - See, when I find a friend
For whom I deeply care
I give my all and all
I'm there for every call
I'm always there
But when I'm down I look around
Just to find there's no one there
They laugh in my face
And I'm filled with disgrace

Dont take my kindness for granted
And don't take my sweetness as a weekness
They say the ones closest to you can hurt you
Please don't prove what they say to be true

I call you on the phone
Seems you're never home
Tell me what is wrong
(Please tell me why)

Why do people change and memories fade away
To a place unknown
See when I

Repeat 1

If you believe in loyal friendship
Then you would be singing this too

2 - Don't you take my time, my life, mmmm
For a weakness

Repeat 2 until fade

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