C'mon babe gimme the chance
Love me love me I just wanna new romance
Toni-aih-ight gonna losing control
Of my-aih heart of love

C'mon babe take me tonight
We are gonna crazy 'cause it's Saturday night
And I-aih-aih never feelin' blue
And I-I'm so hot for you

Hidi baby, hidi baby
Hidi hidi ooh
"Touch me here and touch me there"
Don't let me go!

Hidi baby, hidi baby
Hidi hidi ho
"Kiss me everywhere"
But please don't let me go!

C'mon babe you will be right
Open up my door I'll be the key of your life
So aih aih aih gettin' spinnin' around
I wanna let you feel my sound

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