Yo... this a song for my ex-girlfriend, aight?

I promise i ain't gonna hold out, shawty
I wanna give it all to you…listen...(bust it)

Am i supposed to laugh.. as if nothing's wrong
Each day passes by... as if nothing's wrong oh oh

Hey, i haven't called you in awhile.
I just called to say i'm sorry,
And for that i am even more sorry
Honestly, i don't have anything to say, so i'm just babbling
I was wondering how you have been
"what do you want? you're drunk again aren't you?"
I don't want to hear it again, so i try hard to sound okay
You've become mute on the other side
Because of the random things i'm saying

What's so great about my crooked pride
(i want to run to you but still...)
It's so hard, but i try to act cool, as if nothing's wrong
(if i could get rid of this affection,

If icould get rid of this hatred)
Ma dear do you know you're all i have
I realized too late i'm sorry ma boo

Repeat [hook]
*~*[ji- eun]
As if nothing's wrong, as if nothing's going on..
Memories of you i once tried to erase...

Are starting to grow on me oh oh

[verse 2]
I need u come back
I want to tell you truthfully
My heart's heavy fallin where are you uh!
I can never forget our first date (why?)
Your birthday is still marked on my calendar
Oh no i don't believe
People are saying my laughter has died
There was a familiarity like long lost friends
We used to talk on the phone all night.

How did we have so many things to say back then
How are you doing
The promises i weren't able to keep still clings to my heart
I worry bout you a lot
I wonder if you stay awake at night like i do.

And i feel sorry once again
You said it yourself "you're too mean"
What's the problem? i'm still trying to figure things out
Like an idiot my regrets came too late
(where you at?) if you leave, what am i supposed to do

Repeat [hook]
Repeat *~*

[ji-eun]: you're no different from the other guys
Why are you taking back everything you said before
Your future was more important to you
([top]: why don't you just call me a liar)