Mmm Mmmm
There's been some women in my life, yeah
You could say I've known my share
Some of them cried for me
Some of them just didn't care, mmmm
Some of them been hard on me
Some of them tore me up deep inside
Some of them were good to me, mmm
Some of them never even tried
But woman, let me tell you
You're ev'ry girl I've ever known You make me feel so very happy sometimes
And then you make me feel so all alone
And sometimes I reach out for you
Yeah, but you just won't take my hand
And sometimes in winter
When I'm lonely tired and cold
You know it feels so good
In the middle of the night
Just to have your hand to hold
Please, why don't you tell me where I stand
Yeah, take my hand
Don't turn your back on me girl, no Turn around and take a good long look
At a man in love
Mmmmmmm, yeah yeah yeah
Turn around right now
Take a good look at a man
Who needs your love, yeah
Can you see him baby?
Tell me what you see!
I want to know, does he look like your man
And if he does
I want you to tell me one little thing
Tell me, whoa
Why don't you hold him
Love him, kiss him, squeeze him
Stand beside him, never let him go, ohhh
God knows you love him.

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