Have this in place, the biggest name that
Which puts the earth in the hands
And wash your feet in the sea
Have this in place, the anointing that you will bless
Vai mandar out all wrong
And the blessings He will give you

Think of anointing, see the anointing, the anointing Nail
Praise the anointing, feel the anointing, walk in the anointing,
Living in the anointing, full of anointing.

Feel the anointing that has just arrived
Is falling as rain, is filling this place
Smile, sing, weep, seated or standing
Adore is anointing
It anointing of Jehovah!

Meet the fight now, step up the lion
Tear through the bear, with the strength of Samson
Your victory is certain, my brother can praise
It is the anointing is the anointing is the anointing!

You are down here, unction is
And nothing can stop, unction is
On your life my brother.
It is the anointing of God.

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