You say I'm lame for calling on a man that I have never seen
You say I'm crazy for listening for a voice that I have never heard
You say that I am so naive to think that He could love me
but I have joy and I have peace
that will never ever leave me

Is it because you've never seen?
Is it because you've never heard
that you're comfortable in darkness
in a lost and dying world?
He'll be standing all around you
with His arms held open wide
and you're straining just to see Him
through blinded eyes

Open your eyes the place where you are standing now is holy ground
God shined His light straight into you heart now look what you've found
Is that right what you call righteousness
All dressed up in Sunday best
They're draped across the stage
Only Jesus never walked away

Open your heart, He'll open your eyes
show you the hope you have inside
call on the Name of Christ
and He will save you
and give you wings to fly

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