You must live in the eye of torment,
You're hunting anywhere...
Taking this no sense desire,
You're roaming anywhere...

Time of anger... eyes of terror,
You are down on the ground...
You're not a sinner in temptation burning,
There's a difference... you know it!!

Storm master,
I wanna hear what you say!!
Storm master,
I know this dangerous game!!
I've got a new point of view,
I'm distant from my old heart...
I've got a new point of view,
So distant from my old heart!!

To set right the behavior of men,
They must dive in his blood...
Not with just well-spoken,
Well-educated curse!!

Like subhuman, they treat their brothers
With one accord...
Torturing by burning fire,
They can sell their souls!!

Storm master...

I've got a new...

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