Here she comes two hours late
but that girls always worth the wait
yea and I love it
She's got a tiny shirt on wrong side out
she makes left to center seem right somehow
oooooh and I love it
She's got a way of being nonchalant
Kinda quirky, everything I'm not

She's so un-ordinary
so unpredictable, its scary
and I think I've got more than what I bargained for
but I keep coming back for more of it
cuz I love it

She's got two tattoos
one's on her back
and I ain't sayin where the other ones at
yea but I love it
She don't own a dress
but she's a beauty queen
takes glamor shots in cut off jeans
and I love it
But if there's one thing that I love the most
its how she does exactly what I think she won't

Chorus (x2)

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