Look at all
The lonely hearts
Shivering out in the dark
Hiding from the truth
Cover up the proof
That I've tried to hide
Imprison me in my own lies
And all that I can do is
Cover up the proof
Don't be afraid to

Stand up
Stand up
If you're broken
Stand up
Stand up
If you feel ashamed
You are not alone
When you hurt this way
Stand up
Stand up
If you need love
Stand up

This is not judgment day
You don't have to hide
There's no need to run
Everything will be okay

Got me torn apart
Trying to destroy my heart
But I can see the light
It's cutting
Through the night
Don't run away
(Don't run away)
Don't be afraid to

You say You love me
That's all I'll ever need
If You say I'm good enough
That's good enough for me

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