Child, you're forgiven
Gaither Vocal Band/
God is Good

I came to Jesus
I took my Stand
But what I'd surrendered
was back in my hands
Defeated by failures
haunted by fears
I cried out in anguish
"My God, are you here?"

He said child you're forgiven
forgiven and free
he said it, I heard it
Sweet victory
The future can never
intimidate me
since I've been forgiven
forgiven and free

I'm resting and growing
in His strong embrace
I've traded performance
for amazing grace
My soul is at rest
oh, but I still must rejoice
When I think of the day
that I heard His voice

What a relief,
Because I can't earn my way
When I come up empty
My father pays
I'm learning to live,
And I'm learning to die
And one of these days
I'll be larning to fly


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