Now, he was working
in his garden
when i happened by.
He weved me over
with that look in his eye
and started breaking off
some ears of corn.

He said, "Here, boy, today
this corn is just right.
"Boil it up
for yor supper tonight
" 'cause I've learned it's true
what my pappy used to say.
Nothing's quite as good
until you give it away."


If you want more happy
than your heart will hold,
If you want to stand taller,
if the truth were told,
take whatever you have
and give it away.

If you want less lonely
and lot more fun
and deep satisfaction
when the day is done,
throw your heart widw open
and give it away

There's been a lot of water
gone over the dam
since that day in the garden
with my Uncle Sam.
so I hope You'll hear
these words I have to say.

There are two kind of folks,
There's takers and givers.
There's gripers and complainers
and bighearted livers.
It depends on how we choose
to spend our days.

'Cause we can hoard up
all we´ve got
or give it all away

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