Somewhere there's a country where
The air is pure and skies are fair in blue
It's the home of your dreams

There's no war and there's no strife
The hopes of all your life come true
It's the home, the home of your dreams

There is no violence there
Kids in the city square
Can dance and laugh and play
Without a single care
There's music in the hills
There's comfort and good will
And peace again
Where love begins
And never ends

It's a place where there's no fear
Where consciouses are always clear
And fair it's the home of your dreams

There's no shame, abuse, or pain
No ugly words will there profane the air
It's the home of your dreams

No one is ever sad
Gone is the loss we had
We'll do the things we always knew that we could do

All the dying and the cares
The longing and the prayers
Will all be done, and we'll be home
Finally home

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