The other day I passed the place,
You always liked to go
and I picked up the phone because,
I thought you wanna know
But I forgot you weren't there
I miss you all these days,
That I'm reminded of your smile
And the funny things you'd say

I see you most at Christmas,
You were like, a little kid
You always loved a good surprise,
And now I must admit,
That I long more for heaven
Than ever did before
You give me one more reason
And each day I want it more

Knowing we can spend a lifetime
Reminiscing on the past,
Knowing I will see your face again
Where tender moments last
It makes me wanna go there
Knowing I won't be alone
Knowing you'll be there
Makes it easy to go home

You left a group of fisherman
Somehow, you left me too
Though I have felt you many times
I know you saw me through
I always long to feel your arms
And look into your eyes,
And talk forever me
And you somewhere in paradise

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