There's only one thing
that I long for
when I reach my home on high:
to see my Jesus in His glory
and to reign with Him on high.
I'll be so glad to see my mother,
who has gone, gone on to that land.
Oh, but I long to see my Jesus
and by His side to stand.


Without a father,
without a mother,
I've had to make
this journey by myself.
Sometimes you're friendless.
Heartaches seem endless.
So many sorrows
I have know.
But I know
my Lord will call me
to the mansion in the sky.
And I shall reign
with Him forever
in that sweet home
by and by
by and by.

So many times,
my heavy burdens
have borne,
borne me to my knees.
But then I pray,
"O blessed Jesus,
won't you help me,
if you please ?"
And He would hasten
to my rescue.
I no longer have to cry.
And so I'll keep my Savior
with me on my journey.
Journey to the sky.
Well, well, well.


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