Up the hill he stumbled 'neath the burden of the cross
Trying hard to carry the sins of all the lost
His strength was almost gone as he fell upon his knees
Amid the angry crowd, with love for you and me

Raised in three days, death had lost its sting
Raised in three days, forever as our king
Raised in three days, the victory had been won
Raised in three days, Jesus the Father's Son

Oh, so still he lay, as the nails were put in place
Though he felt the pain, there was love upon his face
Then his blood was shed, as the day fled away
God turned his back upon his son that day

Chorus again

In a borrowed tomb, they laid him, sealed by stone
Awaiting the coming day, He was not alone
When time was fulfilled, He came forth from the tomb
Like a rose in springtime, he burst into full bloom

Chorus last

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