Search me Lord
Please search me Lord
Turn your light from Heaven
Down on my soul
If you find anything that shouldn't be
Take it out and straighten me
'Cause I wanna be right
Lord, I wanna be safe
I wanna be whole

Lord, You know when I am right
And You know when I'm wrong
Lord, You know where I go
And You know when I belong
Lord, You know all, all that I do
And You know my secrets too
Lord, please search me, touch me
Cleanse me, through 'n through
I'm asking you to please ...


Lord, You know all my thoughts
You see my every deed
You know all that I want
Lord, You know my every need
But maybe, maybe there's something down there
That I am just not aware
Oh please Jesus, take it, move
And keep me in your sweet care
I'm asking you to

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