Ah yea- yo yoyo~!
Take me back uh
no pain no gain

Why is the sky crying
Also my heart crying
My longing I have for you
I wanted to forget you
I will hate you
Why they are taking you
I don't know

The one wish that disappeared as everything passed by is like a faded memory oh
As much as the time I was happy while I was by your side
I was even more miserable I can't bear with it
I really hate watching the ordeals any longer
Leave and meet isn't that kind of love luxury?
Inside the meaningless meetings that have become a habit,
what can there be
It is probably empty
who's heart was in pain,
No I wish you didn't have that kind of regret
Your love becomes deeper
My heart that longs for you becomes more

*Chorus 2*
You left me
Far from me
Hey! Baby!
Bitch that's she gone me six feet under
I'm bout to bring the thunder
Forget it
That kind of thing now
Hey! Baby!
Bitch that's she gone me sixfeet under
I'm bout to bring the thunder break off!

Inside the time that has stopped and can not go back
It seems as if the thrill from back then has found it's way to me again
Honestly I know that I was too reckless but you can not stay here

Tell me Why
Why Do we live only to die
Going through this game of life
Not knowing how
or we gotta stop trippin start grippin quit bull shittin
whatcha gonna do who ya gonna be to be or not to be

*Chorus* (x2)

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