No... now my love

(*)To ask you to wait for me who can not live in this world now, I can not~
I'll wait for you in the next world. Till then I'll entrust you to the world.
You who have become colder than I facing me now, stay by your side, I can not~
I will be sad no more even when you can not see me in this world.

I'm sorry. My appointed time has come.
Don't show such sad tears like that. Don't turn away either.
I thought of you as my everything. Now I'll always look after you in eternity.

(**)Will you promise not to grieve for me any more? Please, so I can go at ease.
Just that way like that, please live with the memory of when you loved me. I'll wait for you in the next world.

Please forgive me for I can not even say sorry as I leave for the last.

You who have loved only me, care for you eternally. At the thought of loosing you even without seeing that light
It's too unfair to become a handful of dirt now. No where to go, I'll wait for you in that heaven

I walk closer to you and wisper 'I want to hold you' but you can not hear me.
Me who is by your side like this, wuh~

repeat (**)

Sorry baby maybe I leave you now but I'd never forget it's your scent
And I ascend to the place where you could never reach, that's right
the place where I rest my soul in the mold
I think of you, think of you a million times a day
The passion is deep and fill with heat,
living this life on the hustle,
I barely get enough to just say good-bye to you and my life
Just to say good-bye to you and my life
Just to say good-bye to you and my life
Good-bye, good-bye...

repeat (*)

repeat (**)

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