The sorrow reflected in your eyes
What are you thinking about
Look at me..
Oh~ what troubles you
What makes you sorrow
I'm looking at you
Can you feel me
My eyes that smile in happiness as I look at you
Sometimes I become uneasy
The sorrow filled in your eyes
But I can feel it now
We will always be one like this

Close your eyes
Hold my hand
Always think of me when you look at me.
I can see it now I remember your love
I am next to you.

I think it can last forever.
Draw the memories we will make together.
I'm always next to you
Always happy
You are together with me under our oath
Your beautiful smile
You are beautiful
Your eyes are beautiful
Right nowwhen you are looking at me with your loving eyes
I am happy.

The day we were apart,
how much did you think of me.
Many times I almost cried because I missed you
Sometimes I become uneasy
Wondering if all of this is not a dream
I can really feel this moment
We will forever be one like this


Even if time is to flow
Years flow and everything changes I know that we will be together..
I gather my hands and pray.
I love you


I only love you
I love you..
look at me...
Confess to me now..
Be by my side
Move into my arms..
I will always be by your side..

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