Hey guys! Yea.. If there was to be a war what will you guys do?
If there was a war during the concert, after I evacuate the fans to a safe place I would
place KangTa under my orders and I'll kangta (hard blow/slug) the enemies

I am opposed to war.. Even Park SangMin (singer) hyung said
'Moogi uh Jalitgula (Goodbye weapons?)'.. (laughter)
Was that what it was supposed to mean? Tonya..Why are you so sullen, man..

Ah..I have a distant relative..and whenver the subject of war comes up I think of that person..

Why? Ah..His body has become a discomfort..You know that kind of thing..
I just feel sorry towards that person..

That's right..For all his life that person thinks of it as a honor
that he fought recieving the call from the nation..

I met that person too right? I read in a book..
If the country wanted an arm they would give an arm and if it wanted a
leg they would give up their leg...I once read a book that had a phrase like that in it...

But will we be able to do that?

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