3 bears are at one house..Papa bear mama bear Baby bear...Papa bear is..
Wah there really pretty..Look at their eyebrows...Wah look at their eyelashes
Look at this kids hand..It's really pretty..
I~ Let go of this hand~!
Hahahahaha.....Yah what's your name?
E-seul...E-seul? What about you, WooJoo...You? Hana..
WooJoo.Yah...your name is ostentious..hahaha
WooJoo..Do you like your mom more..Or your dad more?
Do you like your mom more or your dad more?
Your supposed to ask that to my dongsang(sibling)..hahaha
You have a dongsang?
How old are you?
7 years old..what about your dongsang.....4 years old..For real
So you're saying that since you're 7 and older those questions
should be asked to little kids...now?

Ajusshi, are you the KangTa from HOT?
Ajusshi? It's hyung..hyung..what do you mean ajusshi...How old am I too be
an ajusshi....ajusshi..

WooJoo..What do you want to be when you grow up?
I'm going to be a doctor..I'm going to heal grandmother..
What are you going to..E-seul?
Police..Oh a police officer..Oh..

What about Hana?
A police..police??..You two are friends right?
How cute..Twins..

(news anchor voice)
Early today morning the youth camp in HwaSunggoon caught on fire
Causing a tragic accident where 23 kindergarten children, who were staying there, have been killed

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