Hopeless romantic
That just can't be me
I ain't scared of commitment
I just like bein' free

I can only imagine how love would feel
'cause i never felt it
I tend to change it up, let's be real
I can't help it, ohhhh

I don't need nobody to hold me down-ow-own
I ain't one of those waiting for love to come around
'cause when it rains it pours, i'm out the door
I don't need that, no
I love the single life, i love the single life

Thought i knew love like
The back of my hand
Ain't against it, but i need a bit of
Time to understand

And someday i will learn the way
Through the twists and the turns
But right now no need for shades of grey
I'll pass on getting' hurt, ohhhh

I'm independent and i love it,
I'm solo, i'm solo (oh)
Even if you're thinkin' of me
I'm solo, (oh oh)
You won't catch me in love,
I won't give it up, no (oh)
I'm doin' me, i'm doin' me,
I'm doin' me, i'm doin' me

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