Check the records man you know I'm well known
Its funny girls give me dome but they get their head blown
I'm the baddest in the game hope you got the memo
Do my SEA town stomp every time i step stones
I'm chillin with dumb in the studio getting dumb
Bass drum hit hard make ya brain go numb
Shit be banging like a gun this track we slanging like a drug
If I say I give a fuck girl we better be makin love
So fly in the airrr, No landing strip
Your girls legs split like Kris and Kim Kardashian
Her wand is my dick and she be doin magic tricks
On my Mann shit because the mac is back again
So I just party and celebrate jet packing we elevate
Calendar mode the way I be getting dates
Light years ahead of these feathers weights like hetro's
Just get it straight i'm the best son GOD will ever make

Yeah whats happening am I doing it again ya
You know how we do, You know how we do

You know how we do, You know how we do
DFD chillin with the AOM crew
Lodef on the decks with that 808 boom
If she got a fat ass go and send her to my room ha
Two baddest motha fuckas in the place duffel bags full of money
Honey open up the safe
We be killin overseas and we murder in the states
Fast cars burnin rubber you a turtle with ya pace
Pullin bitches pullin strings I'mmah puppeteer
Got'em on deck all wet buccaneer
A couple beers and they headed over here
Room number 420, Wait till the smoke clears
Mirror on the wall who the greatest of them all
Got the money and the power with the 48 laws
Got horny ass broads trying to get into my loft
She a 10 let her in buzz her in the intercom
It's the west to the northwest all the way to seoul
Taken trips to the motherland fathering your flow
Got stacks with the rubber band it can barely hold
If you don't know now you know

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