Tomorrow is a brand new day
All my sins have been washed away
My hands look new, my life is free
My heart is pure, I've been redeemed

I've seen His face, touched His hands
Finally now, I understand
Why He saved a wretch, a wretch like me
And by His blood, I've been redeemed


We ran the race, we kept the fight
We shed our blood for what was right
We carried our cross through storm and rain
Because of Christ now we can say
We are conquerors, conquerors
We are conquerors, conquerors

I've seen His face
I've touched His hands
Finally now I understand
Why He saved a wretch
Saved a wretch like you and me
And by His blood I've been redeemed


No matter what we go through
We are conquerors
Lord, I'm gonna give my problems to You
We are conquerors

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