Turn it up can you feel it
People can you hear it
In your jeeps you can bump this
Something that you can dance to
If the spirit it moves you
If you want you can bump this
If you know that He's worthy
And you give Him the glory
Lift your hands if you with me
Now, now lift'em up higher
If you know it's like fire
Holla back if you hear me

All my people put your hands up
While ya trippin and flippin put your hands up
I'm praisin God because I'm no joke
Devil tried to run up on me
Got his neck broke!
All my people put your hands up
While ya tripping and flippin
Put your hand up
I'm praising God because I'm no joke
Put your hands up
Hands up

Jesus oh how I love you
And place no one above you
Lord I just want to thank you
If He's done anything for you
Raise dem hands and say thank you
He's been too good for me to stop now
Want to try me
Devil show me what you got now
It's getting hot now
Wanna stop now?
Not now!
Like nitroglycerin I'm about to pop now!

If ya love Him let me hear you say
If He's worthy one more say
Un huh
Everybody all together now
Yeah! Yeah!
It's gonna get better now
Un huh
Cause you know I get my praise on
Sunday morning go to church
And get my raise on I stay long
All my people that be hearing us
Lift them hands and get delirious
What? Oh yeah!

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