When I wake up in the morning love
And my heart is filled with pain
The smile I had upon my face is gone
Can't see the sunshine from the rain
When I think of You and the worlds alright with me
Lord just one think of you and I it's gonna be

Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day... repeat 8x

Jesus, You are the lover of my soul
The fire that burns down deep with in
You are the joy this world can't take away
This feeling last and it will never never end

When I think of you and the worlds alright with me...

I know you goin though some stuff now you feel like giving up now your spot is
tuff now butt how can you learn if ya don't fall how can you walk if first you
don't crawl but though it all you keep blessin me why they testin me and they
pressin me cause they never heard a peacher flow show know

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