Carlos was born in killa Cali, was walkin' down an alley
He caught a bullet in his head that left him bleedin' badly
He lost everything at that moment except for his life
He lost his hearin', lost his movement and he lost his sight
He laid there in a coma, but man nobody cared
The Gospel preached in his neighborhood? Nobody dared
But 'Los got up out that coma got and was able to hear
A missionary shared the Gospel to his open ears
He got saved, got trained, got discipled
Back to hood, you could find him preachin' the Bible
He led a homie to Christ that's from his same hood
Part of a church plant, come on now, ain't His name good?
This is a blessin', I'm stressin', but this is not the norm
We need leaders and believers to help carry it on
But who would minister in a sinister part of the town?
I pray if Jesus is callin' you that you would be found

Hook (Dawntoya):
Go, go, go (run with those beautiful feet)
Go, go, go
You hold the truth that saves so run and shout it to the world
They can't believe in somethin' they ain't never heard
Go, go, go and run with those beautiful feet

Eric used to go to Bible study as a kid
He got older and started doing what the hood did
A rival gang caught him slippin' tried to take his life
But then the gun jammed on 'em so they beat him nice
He woke up in the hospital singin' Bible songs
Praise God he had a place to learn the Bible from
But then he gets saved and wanna preach Christ
They make him change his whole culture, whole way of life
He gotta get him a bachelor's, wear a suit and tie
Go to seminary, by then all his boys will die
Jesus came to invade culture outta Nazereth
And used a couple fisherman who people saw as hazardous
The feet are beautiful if only they'd go
If ain't nobody in the hood preachin', how will they know?
See Eric is better used taught truths in his context
Somebody please plant a church in his projects


In Luke 4:16 on down to 21
Jesus says He's Messiah, says He's the chosen one
But more than that He quotes Isaiah, that shows that our Savior
Targets oppressed, captive, blind and the broke and I'm saying
He had a heart for the poor, had a heart for the low
And 1st John 2:6 is the way we should go
In Dueteronomy even though they under the law
The tithes every third year, the poor get 'em all
And I ain't sayin' you wrong if you live in 'burbs
I'm sayin' turn your attention to the hood, we hurtin'
Man if you ain't burdened, please pick up your Word an'
Though this world is goin' down, while we here we can serve Him
We bring this to the streets because we knew the streets
I pray more would be burdend to have beautiful feet
You never knew the streets but truth is what you preach
I pray to God you'd be burdened to have beautiful feet

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